3M Single Side Tapes

3M Box Sealing Tape Plain & Printed

We offer quality BOPP Packing Tape (Plain & Printed) with the following features
  • General purpose packing tape.
  • Suitable for carton sealing.
  • Colour available: Brown, Transparent
  • Printing done as per your design.
  • Width available: 12 mm to 72 mm. Special sizes as per demand.

3M Aluminum Foil Tape

Highly conformable foil tapes used in many applications requiring moisture and chemical resistance, thermal conductivity, heat and light reflectance, flame resistance and weatherability.

A range of Aluminium Foil Tapes including high performance 3M aluminium tapes and low cost general purpose tapes. For use by general industries, construction and heating and ventalting.

Moisture and chemically resistant - helps seal and protect many sensitive assemblies and surfaces. Thermally conductive - maximises effciency when heating or cooling by increasing the transmission over a broader area. Heat and light reflective - helps protect plastic components from heat warpage. Can help to improve visibility by magnifying light sources. We also have specialised foils which can be applied at 0°.

3M Cloth Adhesive Tape

The strong, easy-to-tear, latex-free* and hypoallergenic tape for securing medical devices and for light immobilization support. 3M Cloth Adhesive Tape is designed for:
  • Securing tubing.
  • Positioning body parts.
  • Immobilizing fingers and toes.
  • Stabilizing finger splints.
3M Cloth Adhesive Tape:
  • Offers strong, reliable adhesion.
  • Comes with durable backing that resists tearing and stretching.
  • Adheres well to tubing and gauze.
  • Is latex-free and hypoallergenic.

3M Craft Paper Tapes

Recyclable self adhesive packaging tape can be used for holding, sticking, drawing, frame work etc. application. Green product user friendly & recyclable.

3M Lane Marking Tape

3M Lane Marking Tapes can be used wherever people need to know the right direction and the right location. It comes in yellow, blue, green, red and black colours. These tapes are available with high strength and high quality. These are ideal for walls, floors, pavings and pillars.
  • Floors
  • Loading docks
  • Shipping areas
  • Warehouses
  • Easy to apply
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Rubber-based adhesives
  • Variety of colours
  • Good dead stretch

3M Masking Tapes

3M Masking Tapes 2280

Holding power, line sharpness, and removal the way you want General Purpose Masking tape 2280 Good adhesive holding power, line sharpness, and clean removal to meet different application requirements for virtually every industrial and consumer application.

3M Masking Tape 2214

A general purpose paper tape for holding, bundling, sealing, non-critical masking and a vast number of other jobs where a pressure-sensitive tape is needed.

3M Permanent & Temporary Surface Protection Tapes

Permanent Protective tapes are the latest generation in the range of 3M polyurethane protective tapes, formulated to give maximum uv resistance and clear transparency. They can be installed quickly without the use of any special tooling. Temporary Protective tape is a removable, flame resistant tape. Its unique adhesive formula ensures the product is easily removed from the surface without leaving residue, even after long exposure to uv rays. 3M 8547 tape is commonly used to protect components from surface damage during the manufacture and transportation process, in addition to the preservation of glass windows, brass and equipment during welding operation.

3M Clean Walk Mat

Adhesive sheet captures dirt from shoe soles, wheels and other passing objects. Soiled top sheet is removed to reveal a clean adhesive sheet underneath. Helps maintain clean room conditions.