Personal Safety

Hearing Protection

3M offers high-quality hearing protection products for the Industry. These are lightweight, comfortable, reliable and easy-to-use solutions in a wide range of Industrial application.

Disposable Ear Plugs


  • Expands to take the shape of the ear canal
  • Bright orange colour for visibility
  • Does not cause any irritation or allergy
  • ANSI Approved

Re-usable Ear Plugs


  • Triple-Flanged Designed to securely fit the ear
    canal and provide reliable protection
  • Washable
  • No rolling or touching plugs during insertion - More Hygienic
  • ANSI Approved

Ear Muffs


  • Wide soft cushion design for increase comfort
  • 1436 Ear muff is foldable & hence easy for storage
  • ANSI Approved

Respiratory Protection

3M Respirators contain Advanced Electrostatic Media that enhance the capture of airbone particles while allowing you to breathe easier.



  • BIS P1 Approved
  • Grey Colour
  • Aluminium Nose Clip



  • AS / NZS P1 / BIS P1
  • White Colour
  • Aluminium Nose Clip



  • AS / NZS P1
  • Grey Colour
  • Aluminium Nose Clip
  • Organic Vapour (Nuisance Level) Protection
  • Painting (Below TLV level)



  • AS / NZS P1
  • White/Grey Colour
  • Cool Flow Valve
  • Aluminium Nose Clip



  • NIOSH N95
  • White Colour
  • Aluminium Nose Clip
  • Staple Free
  • Avian Influenza/SARS/H1N1
    (AS recommened by WHO)

1200 Single cartidge half facepieace respirator


  • Compact
  • Light Weight
  • Single snap - on cartridge
  • Available with OV & Particlate versions
  • Compatiable with 3000 cartridges

Eye Protection

3M protective eyewear includes a variety of modern and stylish products in a choice of prescription and non-prescripition glasses. Eyewear is avaiable with a selection of coatings, lens types and accessories.



  • Clear lens / Grey lens option available
  • Scratch resistance coat
  • ANSI Z87+ Approved



  • Clear lens
  • Scratch resistance coat
  • ANSI Z87+ Approved
  • Adjustable Temple



  • Clear lens
  • Adjustable Frames
  • Scratch resistance coat
  • ANSI Z87+ Approved

3M™Virtua®Safety Eyewear Line

Secure Fit


  • Pressure Diffusion Temple Technology
  • Polycarbonate frame/Lens
  • Anti-fog & Anti- Scratch option available
  • ANSI Z87+ Approved



  • Impact resistance polycabonate construction
  • Fits over most prescription eyeglass frames
  • Scratch resistance coat
  • ANSI Z87+ Approved

1621 Safety Googles


  • Protects from Chemical splashes
  • Polycarbonate frame/Lens
  • Scratch resistance coat
  • ANSI Z87+ Approved
  • Can wear over prescription glasses

3M™ H-400 Hard Hats

  • Soft head cushion that balances load uniformly acreoss the head.
  • Four shell ribs that provides sturdiness
  • Sturdy ractchet and pinlock suspenson for better fit
  • Available in various color option
  • Approvals: BIS certified (Compliance to IS 2925 Standard), CLI certified and ROHS certifies (Sweat band and chin strap)

Welding Protection

  • Breathing vent which reduces CO2 heat and fog built up
  • Heat reflecting silver front which reduces heat build up
  • CE marked with EN175F & EN166 approvals
  • Light weight which provides enhanced comfort
  • Polycarbonate-Inner and outer protection plates for better impact resistance