PCB Assembly Jig


  • Portable and table top
  • Ideal for manual soldering.
  • Rugged metal construction.
  • Available in four sizes.


  • Adjustable rails accommodate different board sizes, removable central rail.
  • Fast and simple board change.
  • Foamlined cover holds components securely in position during soldering.
  • Adjustable working angle increases operator comfort and prevents fatigue.


  • Single tungsten carbide blade, rotary centrifugal, 230 V AC power operated wire stripper & twister will strip insulation (teflon/PVC) over wire from solid and stranded wires. In case of stranded wires twisting will be done automatically while the slug is removed.
  • Adjustments for stripped lengths and wire diameter are simple. As the blade does not comes in contact with the conductors, stripping and twisting is done without nicking. Once the machine is set, just insert the wire through guide and withdraw to strip and twist the wire.
Performer Model IS 11
  • Table Top Machine. Adjustable Tooling, easy and rapid tool setting.
  • Cuts and forms axial & radial leads of loose component such as resistors, diodes, transistors & capacitors
  • Hardened steel toolings.
  • Ideal for low to medium level production.
  • Machine with standard toolings is suitable for cutting and 90° bending of leads of axial components.
  • Machines fitted with suitable toolings kit for processing radial components and other configurations are offered alternatively.
  • Radial components and other configurations can be processed on the same machine by using suitable interchangable tooling kit.


Axial Lead Cutter Bender Semiautomatic Model IS 41

For Lead Cutting and Blnding of Axial Components
  • Simple clamp fits to table top. Easily adjustable toolings.
  • Cutting and bending parts of hardened tool steel.
  • High quality cutting blades for a clean and smooth cut.
  • Standard tolling perform cutting and bending operation.
  • Optional tooling’s can be used for cutting only or cut and 90* bend to produce vertical mounting.
  • Ideal for processing taped components.
  • High capacity production up to 40,000 taped components per hour by manual operation.
  • Easy to operate- components are process by tuning smoothly operating handle.
  • Sequential cutting feature prevents axial tension in delicate components such as diodes.
  • Components are well protected against mechanical stress during cutting and bending operation.

Radial Lead Cutter Semiautomatic Model IS 47

  • Ideal for lead cutting of tape type radial components.
  • High capacity production up to 16,800 taped components per hour by manual operation at 28 rpm.
  • Easy to operate-components are processed by turning smoothly operating handle.
  • Cuts 100 components per revolution.