3M Flexo Graphic Printing Tapes

Flexographic printing is a method of molding polymer plates with your desired print and then wrapping them around cylinders. Quick drying ink is then rolled onto your print with your specified design, which transfers the ink onto your material. Originally developed to process packaging materials, Flexography has evolved into a highly versatile printing process. It is able to meet a wide range of demands in many industry segments.


High speed – Low cost - Flexographic printing plates are relatively inexpensive and the process is performed at high speeds during large jobs.
In-line process - Flexographic printing is performed in-line with laminating and die-cutting processes. Bar Code verification & documentation - Our laser scanner (when specified) provides quality assurance data that your bar coded material is scannable. Films to label stocks - A wide variety of materials may be flexographically printed. Common substrates that we print are films, labels, papers and adhesive tapes