In Eletronic Industry Reliability of the equipment is the most important criterion. Reliability brings reputation and repeat orders. But static can destroy the reliability and eat away profits. Blue sky systems have been studing static for years and successfully developing statefree products and solutions. Some of our statfighters are explained.

Statfighter Wrist Strap

Designed to provide effective dissipation od charges, generated by or accumulated on the body of the operator. Key Features:
  • Multi-strand copper tinselwire with insulative coating sheathed in two meters long colied cord in black, blue and yellow colores.
  • Built in one Megaohm resistance.
  • Strain relief and both ends, prolongs cord-life.
Strap Options:
  • Conductive Vinyl Strap - For long life.
  • Conductive Cotton Strap - For cotton comfort.
  • All elastic Strip - Breathable.
  • All metal Strip - For perfect contact.

Conductive Slippers

  • Conductive slippers are made from Vinyl sheeting and black canvas.
  • The grounding path resistance is more than 106 Ohms.
  • The slippers are designed for comfort wearing and long life.
  • To be effective against static, must be worn without socks.

Antistatic Mat

Antistatic mat is designed to provide staticfree work surface, where static sensitive component of class II & class III, category are to be handled or stored.

Key Features:
  • Surface resistance : less than 109 Ohms/Sq.
  • Thicknes : 2mm.
  • Many attractive colours.
  • The ANTISTATIC MAT can be used on the table, on the floor or on any other surface.
  • The mat can be simply spread or laid with special adhesive.
  • When used over a large area, it is recommended to make a network of thin copper strip (foil). The mat is installed over the mesh and grounded through the mesh.

Antistatic Bags

Antistatic bags are designed for protecting static sensetive components and assembled boards during transit and storage.

Key Features:
  • Color - Transparent (yellow or pink)
  • Sheet Thicknes : 0.08mm + or - 5 %.
  • Surface Resistance - less then 10 12 Ohms/Sq.
  • Static Decay Time - less then 2 seconds.

Conductive Bag

Conductive bags are made of an electrically conducting engineering plastic and are used to store static sensitive components, assembled boards and explosives.

Key Features:
  • Color - Opaque black
  • Sheet Thicknes : 0.1mm.
  • Surface Resistance - less then 10 4 Ohms/Sq.
  • Static Decay Time - less then 0.3 seconds.
  • Shelf Life - Unlimited